Saturday, December 31, 2011

How to get first feelance job

If you are one of those persons who have lost their jobs due to recession than it's best time to say good bye to your old job and start working as a freelancer, so you have decided to join the world of freelancers but still don't know how to get your first job??? Don't worry!!!

It is a difficult task to get your first project on the freelance sites, but it's not impossible. You just would have to keep working until you get your first project and after that you wouldn't have to work that hard as you had to do for the first time. I have provided all those steps that are required to hunt your first job on freelance sites. Just follow them for winning your first project.

What have you got??

This is the first question that every employer would ask from you before giving you the job. It would be best if you asked that question to yourself before applying for the job. You would have to find the best in you to get the best. This is simple rule that would lead you to the success. If you have good English skills than you can do writing jobs while people having other area of expertise should apply for the job according to their skills. Apply for the job only that can be done easily and perfectly because after the great job completion the employer would give you the great feedback and in future he would prefer you on many freelancers.

Create a unique portfolio

Portfolio is the sample part of your work that tells employer that how much efficient you are. Before applying for the project prepare a great looking portfolio for the employer keep in mind that "First impression is the last impression" so, you would have to impress the employer by showing your portfolio.Try to make a short but worth seeing piece of work. If you are hunting for freelance writing jobs than create some excellent article on your favorite subject. Research your subject before writing to make it more attractive. If you are applying for web developing work than create some excellent and error free websites to show as your portfolio.

Be creative and confident

When you apply for the job on freelance sites or anywhere, try to be more confident and creative. Show some unique qualities to the employer. Let him/her know that you are best suited for this job and you can do it in better way than others. Let you employer know that you can give money back guarantee on your work and you are so much confident about your skills. Confidence and creativity is only the key to unlock your first freelance project. Keep in mind the great saying "Be confident but not over confident"

Be positive in interview

If you are called for an online interview with the employer than don't hesitate to talk because it's the chance to tell your employer about your ideas. Show your sample work, let him/her know that you really want to work on this project and you would do best work. Try to keep yourself positive during the whole interview. A positive communication would help you to get your first project so easily.

Offer great work on low price 

It would be difficult for you to provide your service on cheap price but once you succeeded in getting your first project than you can increase your price. After completing your first project you would be given feed back on your work. If you get excellent remarks than it would be easy to find job in future. You can use this feed back to increase in your payment.

In last i would just advice you to keep on trying until you get your first project. Don't give up in the middle when you are so near to the success. Be patient and wait for the fruit of your efforts. Your efforts would never go in waste.

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