Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paid surveys

When i started to make money online for some extra cash in my pocket. I went through so many Internet surfing to find the best and legit way to earn money for my expenses, while i was searching on the net, i came to a best opportunity to make some extra cash online.

The online surveys are surely one of the most ignored online business opportunities out there. Yes, there are many big companies that are ready to pay you some good money for your opinion by taking their surveys. You can really make some good extra cash by joining online surveys. There is also a shortcoming of getting scammed in this business, so you need to be a little smart to start with online surveys, because if you don't, you would get nothing! :(

Don't worry so much it's not a big problem to get smart, you wouldn't have to be the Einstein for this purpose. You just have to be a little careful in choosing the online paid surveys, because every company wouldn't pay you for completing surveys, yes they are scam and they wouldn't pay you a single dime except the tears!

What should i care to be smart, while joining a survey?

I have created a list of  facts, that can be very handy in choosing a right online paid survey website for you, just follow the instruction, i have given below and be smart!

If a survey website charge you some fee to register for them, that site is a scam site, because you are there to make money by giving your opinions about a product. You are not there for investing any money as a fees for them!

Any site promising to give you big dollars in a day is completely scam. The legit sites don't give more than $10 and sometime they give you just some bucks, so never think of joining these sites.

If a site has too much over look and promising so much, that can also be a hint of scam site, because the paying site looks more professional with simple themes and layout. They don't promise too much to their users and highly take care of your personal information.

The best way to spot a scam site is to "Google it". If you would spend sometime in searching information on google about the site. You would find enough information about the site you are going to join !

These are the some basic information that can be very useful while joining a online survey. You must know the fact that online surveys can't make you a lot of money in a single day. It takes time and you need to be patient about your earning. The companies will invite you to give your  opinion and they would send you the surveys on your email id every week

Some great survey sites

1 ) Cashcrate.com - this website is one of the best sites for paid surveys because it gives four daily surveys out everyday as well as having a offer and shopping system

2 ) SurveyHead - Also an extremely good site but it has not got a great quantity or amount for each one.

3 ) Lightspeed - You only seem to hear good things about lightspeed. There is one major problem however. They send a lot of emails which is really irritating!

4 ) Global Test Market - This is great as it sends out more surveys then other site according to statistics.

5 ) ACOP - This is great as it is available worldwide.

  You can join these sites without any fear of getting scam, because they all have proved their positive reputation in the market and are here since long time.

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