Thursday, December 29, 2011

Simple earning ways for beginers!

If you are new and just starting to learn different ways to earn online Than you must start with simple technique.There are many easy ways to get started.I am going to tell you That how i get started with Internet.I joined some sites by which i make some earning in beginning.These initial ways were ptc,ptr and online surveys.These are great ways for newbies!
How to get started with ptc? (:
ptc is a online business model That pulls huge amount of online traffic from people aiming to earn from home.This is a very simple work and blessing for newbies.You will have to just clicks ads and you will get paid for that simple work.You will get usually 0.005-0.01 in us dollars per click.They will show you 4-20 clicks daily So let say you click five ads daily for one month and each ad was of 0.01$ worth So you simply made 1.5$ in a month.isn't it simple
You must remember That each and every ptc site has his own rules and regulation.They have their own payout.Most of them have 2$ minimum payout limit So you have to click daily until you reach your minimum payout.Once you reach to minimum payout.You can request your earning.
I want to reach payout as soon as possible!
If you are going to join any ptc site and hoping to earn money by viewing ads.You must be thinking That when i will click only five ads a day and in return i will get 0.05$ So using math 0.05+40days clicks=2$ which is minimum payout So will i have to click 40 days for reaching minimum payout But i want to reach minimum payout as soon as it possible?
Yes, This is possible.If you want to approach minimum payout in less time Than you will have to refer other person to join you Because you will get 0.01$ for one person you referred and you will also get 15% of their earning So you can reach to minimum payout in no time.
Things to remember!
If you have made your mind to join ptc sites and you are going to join them Than please before starting you will have to get the concept of legit and scam sites.
Those sites which pays or really pays to their members are known as legit sites.These sites have a forum where you can discuss your matters and they are ready to support you any time.
Those sites which doesn't pay to their member are called scam sites.These sites doesn't have a forum and they are not supportive at all with their members.
How to distinguish between legit and scam sites?
The best way to ignore scam sites is to ignore your greediness.As you know that "greed is curse" So scam sites take the advantage of your greediness.They usually promise to pay you 1$ per click But doesn't give you any money at all and you are ended up like a fool.You will have to get rid of your greediness for avoiding scam sites.
I have made it easy for you!
Now,if you are ready to make some money and want to join some ptc sites .You might be thinking That which one should i join?
You don't need to worry Because i have made a list of legit sites.Which i joined personally and made some money from them.Some of these are oldest sites.Which have earned a very good reputation between many ptc sites.You can start earning today by joining them.

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