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How to get first feelance job

If you are one of those persons who have lost their jobs due to recession than it's best time to say good bye to your old job and start working as a freelancer, so you have decided to join the world of freelancers but still don't know how to get your first job??? Don't worry!!!

It is a difficult task to get your first project on the freelance sites, but it's not impossible. You just would have to keep working until you get your first project and after that you wouldn't have to work that hard as you had to do for the first time. I have provided all those steps that are required to hunt your first job on freelance sites. Just follow them for winning your first project.

What have you got??

This is the first question that every employer would ask from you before giving you the job. It would be best if you asked that question to yourself before applying for the job. You would have to find the best in you to get the best. This is simple rule that would lead you to the success. If you have good English skills than you can do writing jobs while people having other area of expertise should apply for the job according to their skills. Apply for the job only that can be done easily and perfectly because after the great job completion the employer would give you the great feedback and in future he would prefer you on many freelancers.

Create a unique portfolio

Portfolio is the sample part of your work that tells employer that how much efficient you are. Before applying for the project prepare a great looking portfolio for the employer keep in mind that "First impression is the last impression" so, you would have to impress the employer by showing your portfolio.Try to make a short but worth seeing piece of work. If you are hunting for freelance writing jobs than create some excellent article on your favorite subject. Research your subject before writing to make it more attractive. If you are applying for web developing work than create some excellent and error free websites to show as your portfolio.

Be creative and confident

When you apply for the job on freelance sites or anywhere, try to be more confident and creative. Show some unique qualities to the employer. Let him/her know that you are best suited for this job and you can do it in better way than others. Let you employer know that you can give money back guarantee on your work and you are so much confident about your skills. Confidence and creativity is only the key to unlock your first freelance project. Keep in mind the great saying "Be confident but not over confident"

Be positive in interview

If you are called for an online interview with the employer than don't hesitate to talk because it's the chance to tell your employer about your ideas. Show your sample work, let him/her know that you really want to work on this project and you would do best work. Try to keep yourself positive during the whole interview. A positive communication would help you to get your first project so easily.

Offer great work on low price 

It would be difficult for you to provide your service on cheap price but once you succeeded in getting your first project than you can increase your price. After completing your first project you would be given feed back on your work. If you get excellent remarks than it would be easy to find job in future. You can use this feed back to increase in your payment.

In last i would just advice you to keep on trying until you get your first project. Don't give up in the middle when you are so near to the success. Be patient and wait for the fruit of your efforts. Your efforts would never go in waste.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

freelance work guide

If you are looking for sites where you can write articles and earn money  as a freelance writer there are many sites that offer both upfront pay  and residual earnings. They offer resources for aspiring writers  including links to sites that pay upfront for articles, revenue sharing  sites as well as sites that connect clients and writers.

Types of jobs

You can do different type of jobs depending on your area of expert. If you think that you can write well than you can become a writer and you can write useful stuff for the people to get paid. There is also a big opportunity for the designers and they can get many jobs on the freelance sites. You can also get the translator jobs if you are fluent in specific language with excellent writing skills. You can also work as freelance interpreter In countries like the UK, US, there's great demand for interpreters because of the vast number of people from all over the world migrating to these countries every year. This results in great need for translation services in immigration, healthcare, education and other public bodies.

If you are not very well in anything than you can do data entry jobs which are so simple and can be done without any knowledge. There is a list of some great sites where all these jobs can be done. They are all tested sites.

Get jobs on Guru (USA, started August 2000) 

Guru is one of the best place to find different sorts of freelance jobs. They provide both free and paid membership. They have very positive remarks from different freelancers. They take a commission of 5-10 percent of your earning on each project.

Work with Elance (USA, founded in 1998 )

Elance is a freelance market place that offers jobs in several categories. Whether your skills are in programming, design, writing, translation, sales, finance, engineering or more, you can find a job on Elance. Membership accounts range from free to $39.95/month for large businesses. Elance charges a service fee of between 6.75 % – 8.75 % for paid jobs.

Find jobs on scriptlance (Canada, started in 2001) 

This is one of the great place to get the jobs that pay well. They have very well reputation among many freelance sites. The best thing about this site is that this is the building block of many successful freelancers. They provide free membership without any money. They charge a commission of  5 percent on any project you complete.

Read it before joining ptc sites

The first thing you will do before joining any ptc site is getting a valid and easy use email address..I myself use google mail account so i will also advice you to use it because it doesn't block the messages.

The second thing you will have to think a process by which you will receive your payment the most of sites accept the alertpay method and pays through that.

Alertpay is good and have better payment timing than paypal .It is between the market from several years and now it has won the trust of all ptc sites.

It would be a foolish thing to join a ptc site before registering yourself with an alertpay account because until you will not get an alertpay account the sites wouldn't let you join them and you wouldn't able to earn any money so i recommend u to get an account on alertpay.

This link will directly take you to the alertpay where you can make an account!

After you have joined the ptc sites

Now you have enter into the business of earning through ptc sites and have joined a lot of sites that will pay you but it will be a hard task for you remind all those log in information yeah those hard passwords! (: so there is no need to be disturbed because now a days there are many software in the market which can make it easy for you and can do your work easily!

I personally used the roboform software and i like it a lot that software will remember all those passwords and user names and whenever you want to log in to your account just click a button and you will be taken to your account!

The software is easy to download and easy to use it will remain as toolbar of your browser and will perform its duty!

Now all the steps have completed now what you need are ptc sites!

Best ptc sites with good reputation!


Pay per click:- $0.01-$0.02
Pay per ref click:- 5%-10%
Payout:- Min $2 by Alertpay/paypal in 2 weeks


Pay per click:- $0.01-$0.02
Pay per ref click:- 5%-10%
Payout:- Min $2 by Alertpay/paypal in 2 weeks

Pay per click:- $0.0005-$0.001
Pay per ref click:- 10%-20%
Payout:- Min $2 by Alertpay/paypal

Pay per click:- $0.01
Pay per ref click:- $0.005
Payout:- Min $2 by Alertpay/paypal/Liberty reserve/Neteller instantly

Pay per click:- $0.001
Pay per ref click:- 20%
Payout:- Min $0.90 by Alertpay/paypal in 3 days

Pay per click:- $0.01-$0.02
Pay per ref click:- 5%-10%
Payout:- Min $10 by Alertpay in 2 weeks

myBux  profitable & safe ad center

Pay per click:- $0.001-$0.005
Pay per ref click:- 10%-20%
Payout:- Min $2 by Alertpay/paypal/Liberty reserve instantly on every monday

Pay per click:- $0.01-$0.02
Pay per ref click:- 100%
Payout:- Min $3 by Alertpay/paypal/Liberty reserve instantly

Pay per click:- $0.01-$0.02
Pay per ref click:- 50%
Payout:- Min $2 by Alertpay/paypal/Liberty reserve instantly

Some sites that can also earn you some decent earning!



I will also provide you a wide list of scam sites soon that are not paying any money to their members!

Simple earning ways for beginers!

If you are new and just starting to learn different ways to earn online Than you must start with simple technique.There are many easy ways to get started.I am going to tell you That how i get started with Internet.I joined some sites by which i make some earning in beginning.These initial ways were ptc,ptr and online surveys.These are great ways for newbies!
How to get started with ptc? (:
ptc is a online business model That pulls huge amount of online traffic from people aiming to earn from home.This is a very simple work and blessing for newbies.You will have to just clicks ads and you will get paid for that simple work.You will get usually 0.005-0.01 in us dollars per click.They will show you 4-20 clicks daily So let say you click five ads daily for one month and each ad was of 0.01$ worth So you simply made 1.5$ in a month.isn't it simple
You must remember That each and every ptc site has his own rules and regulation.They have their own payout.Most of them have 2$ minimum payout limit So you have to click daily until you reach your minimum payout.Once you reach to minimum payout.You can request your earning.
I want to reach payout as soon as possible!
If you are going to join any ptc site and hoping to earn money by viewing ads.You must be thinking That when i will click only five ads a day and in return i will get 0.05$ So using math 0.05+40days clicks=2$ which is minimum payout So will i have to click 40 days for reaching minimum payout But i want to reach minimum payout as soon as it possible?
Yes, This is possible.If you want to approach minimum payout in less time Than you will have to refer other person to join you Because you will get 0.01$ for one person you referred and you will also get 15% of their earning So you can reach to minimum payout in no time.
Things to remember!
If you have made your mind to join ptc sites and you are going to join them Than please before starting you will have to get the concept of legit and scam sites.
Those sites which pays or really pays to their members are known as legit sites.These sites have a forum where you can discuss your matters and they are ready to support you any time.
Those sites which doesn't pay to their member are called scam sites.These sites doesn't have a forum and they are not supportive at all with their members.
How to distinguish between legit and scam sites?
The best way to ignore scam sites is to ignore your greediness.As you know that "greed is curse" So scam sites take the advantage of your greediness.They usually promise to pay you 1$ per click But doesn't give you any money at all and you are ended up like a fool.You will have to get rid of your greediness for avoiding scam sites.
I have made it easy for you!
Now,if you are ready to make some money and want to join some ptc sites .You might be thinking That which one should i join?
You don't need to worry Because i have made a list of legit sites.Which i joined personally and made some money from them.Some of these are oldest sites.Which have earned a very good reputation between many ptc sites.You can start earning today by joining them.

Earn with fun

You enabled your Internet connection and went to a ptc site and start clicking the adds one by one you went to another ptc site and as you clicked more adds your brain started to ache and you wanted to give a little rest to your brain and tried to watch some video songs and something else!
So, why not use this worthy time by earning some more money while watching videos (:
This is not difficult at all, there is a way through which you can do that the site "Paid2youtube" is made for same idea you are having in your mind! so be happy! ^_^

How much you can earn

At, you get paid to view YouTube Videos.
The process is easy! You simply click a video and view to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid $0.005 for each video you personally view, $0.10 for each comment you leave, and $0.15 for each subscription you make. You'll also get paid $0.001 for each video your referrals view, $0.01 for each comment your referrals leave, and $0.05 for each subscription your referrals make. Payment requests can be made every day and are processed through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.00.

Today's Earnings
» Today You can earn = $0.42
» 35 referrals view Today's Ads = $ 7.14
» Your daily earnings = $ 7.56
» Your weekly earnings = $ 52.92
» Your monthly earnings = $ 226.8
» Your Yearly earnings = $ 2759.4

The above example is based only on 35 referrals and the current number of ads. What if you had more referrals? What if there were more videos available?
So join!

Niche SEO

prepare yourself !

Hi friends! I know you must be thinking that what is the purpose of this blog.The main purpose of this blog to tell you, That how can you make money online.This is truth that people are losing their jobs and our economical condition is becoming worst day by day So Millions of people are searching different ways to make online earning.I have already helped my other friends, Now i thought to build a blog where i will share my experience with you.

You must keep in mind That it's not a very simple thing to make money online.It can take many time and your best effort to make a residual income online.I will advise to newbies That they must start with simple steps and try to make some $$ in beginning Than after full time experience with their work.They try to start making $$$ online.

If you are new and want to make some $$ online Than you must prepare yourself and set a goal to never give up until you make some $$ online.It will never be easy for newbies But your hard work will must give you a nice fruit of your efforts.

You should promise yourself That you will never give up until you achieve your goal.That is a important thing for beginners to set up a goal and than use your all efforts to get your goal.It is true thing, That You will fall many times But never give up is the key of success.

Now,if you are ready to make some income online Than you must start thinking today That What will be your goal after online earning.If you want to make some extra $$ in your spare time or you want to become full time online worker.I remember that when i started this work.I sat up my goal on a car.I always wanted to buy a superior car so i sat up my goal like that.You can set up your goal with your own deep wish.

Once you have sat up your wish.You will be able to work with your all brute of luck!

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How to start a website/blog and generate income from it

Make a promise to yourself:-\

If  you have planed to start a website/blog for your leaving than you would have to make a promise with yourself  because without it you will lose your cool soon enough so promise yourself that you will never give up until you earn a single dime through internet because many people who tried to make online earning lose their confidence after sometime and they end up like a fool believing that online earning is impossible for them but you must remember a worthy proverb that "Nothing is impossible" so why not to put your all efforts and then see the result you would get your fruit soon, so make a promise that "you will never stop until you earn your first dollar" Think about those people who have earned a lot through internet they were also human so why not you? now you are ready to keep steps in the world of online earning!

Find your interest:-?

Finding your interest and choosing a right topic for your site is the initial and very important step of your online business so choose a topic or niche that is well known by you like if you are a teacher than you must choose the education because you can write a lot about this topic and can provide valuable knowledge to the world if you choose any other topic you would never be able to provide worthy content to your reader mark my words that people search for fresh and comprehensive content so you are required to have a lot of knowledge about your niche, than you can provide them right material so in simple you are supposed to choose a niche that is well known by you and you can easily write about it!

Own site or rented site?

Now, you are going to check your pocket and if you have got some money there than go for your own site and buy a domain for your own and if you are out of money than it's best to go for free site that can also be said a rented site, because you will be having a sub domain of a real site.

What i prefer for you

if you want to know my choice than i will advice you to go for free one because it wouldn't cost you a single dime and you can learn basics of online business without the fear of  losing your money. It has been seen many times that the person who started a online business with no money and after sometime he got his own domain and he got this domain from the money he earned from the rented site so isn't it great?

 What are domain and sub domain?

The domain is the name of  the real site like is a domain and  sub domain are the site that are rented on real site like

Buying a domain

if you want to buy your own domain name than you can buy it and after buying domain name you will have to register it to the registrator site the best registrator of domain are

Namecheap (1 Year Registration: $9.98)
1&1 (1 Year Registration: $4.99)
Go Daddy (1 Year Registration: $11.99)
Name (1 Year Registration: $9.99)
Gandi (1 Year Registration: €12/$16.85)


After buying a domain now you would need some space to upload your files and content so you will also have to buy hosting some of good sites for buying hosting are

Blue Hosting

It would cost you around 100$/year there are also cheap hosting plan but they are useless and wouldn't be worthy at all!

Hiring a person

Now you have got your own site so it's time to work hard and add some stuff to your site. If you are more worried about your site future so you can also take the expert's help and they will do the best work but you will have to pay for it. You can hire these persons from many freelance sites i have made a short list of some good and reputed freelance sites (Sweden, started in February 2004)
ScriptLance (Canada, started in 2001)
eLance (USA, founded in 1998) (USA, started August 2000)

Make a perfect site!

If you want your site to make some money than you will have to make it perfect for the audience, because there is much competition among different sites of similar topic so you will have to make a error free website to get more audience and to make more money and mark my words! that ''All the traffic come from the search engines" so, search engines only like those sites which are perfect and error free so if you want your site to be on the first page of the search engine than you will have to do some work.

I would like to introduce some tools that can be very handy when you are trying to make a perfect site !

*for checking your site codes use this tool  validator
*for checking your site browsing use this tool browsercam
*for checking your site loading time Web Tool Hub
*for detecting spams of your site Nigerianspam
*For checking speed of your web connection WebWait
*For checking your site status Sitestatus

Adding content to your site

Here comes the most important part of this article that controls the all earning streams of your site so you will have to be more worried about it. If you want your website to be on the first page of search engine and want to earn more money, than you will have to create a right content for right topic yeah i am talking about your website niche that i have already discussed in this article so made a quality content for your site!

You can also hire the person to write for you but if you have chosen your favorite niche and have enough knowledge about it than why not to write at your own and save the money and time. I suggest you to research your knowledge than write the articles, because it would increase the quality of your content before publishing it check the grammars mistakes because articles with grammar mistakes rarely get any traffic so work on the right content!

Make it 100% working site!

Now,  if you have completed all above steps than take a long time to check the performance of your site and make sure that everything is working properly. Try to check the performance of site in different browsers with the help of the tool mentioned before.

Never try to launch your site until it is 100% complete because search engine will never like it and they would not send any traffic to your site, so if you want your site to make some money than launch it after making it 100% working.

Keep this proverb in your mind that "slow and study wins the race" so never be so hurry in launching your site!

Submission of your site to different search engines

If you have completed all above steps it's mean your site is completed now it's time to submit your site to different search engines. Below is a short list of top search engines where you can submit your site.

Google . The No. 1 search engine
Yahoo  Free submission, but requires registration
Bing (formerly MSN and (sitemap is required) (email is requested)

These tools would help you to optimize your site in major search engines for a better indexing of your site don't forget to include Meta Tags on each and every page. After launching your site, make sure that you submit your site sitemap to all major search engines. You will be able to submit the sitemaps via the tools that are shown above.
Sitemaps are the simple files that have all the URLs of the pages in your site. Sitemaps can help SEs to know about the number of pages of your site.

Keep updating the fresh content:

After completing all above steps, now it's the exam of your patience and your efforts that you would have to put in your website to get your aim. Keep the content of your site fresh by posting at least one article per day. 

During this period you would also have to control your emotion, that will try to stop you from achieving the positive results. You would have to keep away the negative thoughts to get the goal.

Just; concentrate on the positive result and think about the win win situation, that would be useful while dealing with those shit thoughts!!  

What about adding advertisement?

There are many ways to participate in advertisement programs to earn your site some money. some of them are follows.

Advertisement networks:

Advertisement network or ad network are the connection between the advertiser and the webmaster.The main function of an ad network is aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and comparing it with advertiser need. I have added some of good ad companies to help you. 

Contextual Advertising Networks

This is the advertising based on the content of your site and you would be delivered text adds for your site. The adds would be automated and would vary with the content of your site.

Google Adsense 
Yahoo! Publishing Network (currently in beta and available to US publishers only)
Quigo Adsonar
Commission Junction Evolution
Kanoodle Brightads

Affiliate programs 

You sell the product of others to your website visitors and get some commission per sale. You are also get paid when some action is made like ( a sale, a lead, subscription to email newsletter etc)

Arrangement of adds in your website

This is one of the major issue in attracting clicks to your adds no one would like to click on the adds that are arranged in very bad manner. You would have to be little smart in optimizing adds to your site. Try to keep your adds secret and don't let it know to your visitors until they click on it. There may be several ways to optimize adds on your site you can also take the help of google in this matter.

You must keep in mind that your site must have a professional look to attract advertisers to your site! 

Adding Backlinks to your site

The method search engines work is that the more sites link to pages on your site, the higher your site goes in ranking. The way is get links from and using terms that are relevant to your business.

Some nice ways to get back-links are:

1) submit pages on your site to social bookmarking sites like digg, delicious, propeller, reditt etc.
2) blog about your site and products on free blogs at or
3) submit to free web directories

The natural way to do this is to create excellent content for your site, than people would link it to other sites and forums. This is know as natural linking.

Best survey sites on the web

If you are interested in joining more survey sites, than this post can be very helpful for you.

Harris Polls
Harris is the Cadillac of survey sites. Their research is very well-respected and repeatedly cited; the number of points awarded per survey is sufficient; and there are many more rewards to choose from – prizes  gift cards, and sweepstakes entries.

If you want  to earn rewards quickly, ZoomPanel is the right survey site to join. They commonly send out several survey invitations every week, and have a big collection of rewards to choose from – the latest movies and books, electronics, appliances, jewelry, home decor, charitable donations and much more.

Opinion Place
This site is run by AOL, this survey site let's you choose from one of five rewards: Amazon gift cards, PayPal credits, Advantages Miles, AOL credits or sweepstakes entries. you are rewarded instantly rather than accrued. Nice if you are looking to add a quick cash in your pocket! (:

CVS Advisor
So, here I'm giving up one of my best-kept secrets here, but CVS Advisor is a site that you must join. You'll hardly get a few survey invitations a year, but you must respond to those invitations when they come. They reward participants with Extra Care dollars, and it's not usual thing to receive $10-$15 in ECBs for participating in just a single survey.

Survey Savvy
If you like quick gratification and cash, Survey Savvy is the best site for you. Each survey is assigned a dollar amount based on the length of the taken survey, and you can request a check for your earnings at any time. They also have a referral system that pays you per member you recruit and $2 for every survey they complete.

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Online income resources!

Making an online earning for life!

If you are one of them people who have lost their jobs due to sudden fall in economy, than you are at right place so you don't need to worry if you have lose your job this article will guide you to different streams of income online step by step!

How can you make a living online?

These days making a living online is not a very hard task you just need a little knowledge about the work you are going to do for making an online earning now it's very much possible and everyone can do it very easily and can produce a decent source of  income

Nowadays its not a big secret to know about the "ways to make money online" everyone who use Internet know it and you can also know it by reading this article or making a search on google

There are two types of opportunities you can avail some required money while other are totally free but It's better to begin with a free opportunity

I have made the list of those opportunities for you by which you can start a decent online living from today!

That doesn't required any money

* Making blog/websites
* Working with freelance sites
* Affiliate business
* Copywriters/Content Writing Jobs At Different Sites

That required investing 

* Forex Business

* Stock Market Trading

* Making a blog/website for online living

This is the most satisfied way to make money online because you will be having your own website or blog where you can make real money

Nowadays it is not a very difficult work to create your own website/blog you just need a little knowledge or  zero knowledge for creating a website/blog

There are many websites where you can get sub domains these sites are like normal sites and are the sub part of the real site you can call these sites the baby sites of the real or mother sites

If the real site is than its sub site or the baby site will be (your site name) and this site will be called the sub site of real site

If you don't want to bother with free site and want your own domain and hosting than off course you will have to spend some money

After creating website you will also have to put a excellent, useful, informative, fresh, unique, meaningful, helpful, accurate and perfectly written content in order to earn money from site.

As you will cover these steps than the other step will be getting a smart and targeted traffic to your site after that you will have different options to earn money from your site.

* Working with freelance sites

Nowadays freelance jobs have become very popular among the different method of earning money from the comfort of your home these jobs are provided by freelance sites

You can earn money by very simple ways like typing , editing of images and letters , form filling , formatting and other simple jobs like that

Those ways have good writing skills can get copywriters jobs on these freelance sites and can make a very good amount of money by writing a smart and well written content and this content must be of less grammatical  mistakes or without any mistake.

These sites also provide jobs for professionals like you can get there engineering jobs and if you are good in computer languages like PHP , C++, Asp , Java  etc

If you now that how to create websites/blogs and have good knowledge about html,css etc than you can make a decent earning by designing and creating websites

You will have different option to earn money on freelance sites  these sites are free to join and you can start earning money just after joining and you will not have to spend a single cent.

* Affiliate business

The other way to make online living is starting an affiliate business this is not a very hard question that what is affiliate marketing its like a promoting a product

Its like that you have given a book now every time you sell this book to anyone the owner of the book will give you a percentage of commission he earned from this purchase there are three ways to make money in this business

Pay per click :-  Every time you send a visitor to the website of book owner where he is selling his product you get a little amount of money in your affiliates account this money can be in dollars or cents depending on the product you are promoting.

Pay per sale :-   Whenever you made a sale you are given a good amount of money by the owner of the book this is usually in dollars.

Par per lead :-   Suppose you sent a visitor to the site and if visitor made a registration account at that site than you will also given a specific amount of money.

You will be thinking that this business is very simple but when you will do it practically then you will come to know that it not so easy you will need a your own site with a healthy traffic than you can earn money by promoting the products on your site.

You will also need a great knowledge of the product you are promoting , if you think that you are ready to start this business than start from today!

* Copywriting/Content Writing Jobs At Different Sites

I have already told you about the copywriting jobs but if you think that you want to earn some more extra cash than you can do it by writing articles for different sites.

I myself advised people to write only for freelance sits coz these are totally legit and no can scam you there coz of the escrow and arbitration system.

* Forex Business

This is the one of the hardest and riskiest business in world of online business and you need to be very careful before starting this business

You can easily lose your money in this business so the most important thing in this business is your experience.

If you have this experience than you can think about starting this business and can also make a very good living online.

You must take a training and must join a forum about forex business than you should enter into this business before that you should not thinking about it.

This business is not free and you will have to invest for starting this business.

* Stock Market Trading

The stock market trading is one of the best way to make a decent living but this is also a riskiest way to make money online like forex business.

You can lose your money or you can gain back your money with profit so this make this business one of the riskiest business online.

This business is not for beginners and you will lose your money if you tried to enter into this business without any experience and skills.

It's better to take start in this business with a very little investing and you must have good analysis of ups and owns of companies.

It's better to use an online trading software by which you can trade on daily bases from your home and can connect with the market.

Paid surveys

When i started to make money online for some extra cash in my pocket. I went through so many Internet surfing to find the best and legit way to earn money for my expenses, while i was searching on the net, i came to a best opportunity to make some extra cash online.

The online surveys are surely one of the most ignored online business opportunities out there. Yes, there are many big companies that are ready to pay you some good money for your opinion by taking their surveys. You can really make some good extra cash by joining online surveys. There is also a shortcoming of getting scammed in this business, so you need to be a little smart to start with online surveys, because if you don't, you would get nothing! :(

Don't worry so much it's not a big problem to get smart, you wouldn't have to be the Einstein for this purpose. You just have to be a little careful in choosing the online paid surveys, because every company wouldn't pay you for completing surveys, yes they are scam and they wouldn't pay you a single dime except the tears!

What should i care to be smart, while joining a survey?

I have created a list of  facts, that can be very handy in choosing a right online paid survey website for you, just follow the instruction, i have given below and be smart!

If a survey website charge you some fee to register for them, that site is a scam site, because you are there to make money by giving your opinions about a product. You are not there for investing any money as a fees for them!

Any site promising to give you big dollars in a day is completely scam. The legit sites don't give more than $10 and sometime they give you just some bucks, so never think of joining these sites.

If a site has too much over look and promising so much, that can also be a hint of scam site, because the paying site looks more professional with simple themes and layout. They don't promise too much to their users and highly take care of your personal information.

The best way to spot a scam site is to "Google it". If you would spend sometime in searching information on google about the site. You would find enough information about the site you are going to join !

These are the some basic information that can be very useful while joining a online survey. You must know the fact that online surveys can't make you a lot of money in a single day. It takes time and you need to be patient about your earning. The companies will invite you to give your  opinion and they would send you the surveys on your email id every week

Some great survey sites

1 ) - this website is one of the best sites for paid surveys because it gives four daily surveys out everyday as well as having a offer and shopping system

2 ) SurveyHead - Also an extremely good site but it has not got a great quantity or amount for each one.

3 ) Lightspeed - You only seem to hear good things about lightspeed. There is one major problem however. They send a lot of emails which is really irritating!

4 ) Global Test Market - This is great as it sends out more surveys then other site according to statistics.

5 ) ACOP - This is great as it is available worldwide.

  You can join these sites without any fear of getting scam, because they all have proved their positive reputation in the market and are here since long time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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