Thursday, December 29, 2011

Read it before joining ptc sites

The first thing you will do before joining any ptc site is getting a valid and easy use email address..I myself use google mail account so i will also advice you to use it because it doesn't block the messages.

The second thing you will have to think a process by which you will receive your payment the most of sites accept the alertpay method and pays through that.

Alertpay is good and have better payment timing than paypal .It is between the market from several years and now it has won the trust of all ptc sites.

It would be a foolish thing to join a ptc site before registering yourself with an alertpay account because until you will not get an alertpay account the sites wouldn't let you join them and you wouldn't able to earn any money so i recommend u to get an account on alertpay.

This link will directly take you to the alertpay where you can make an account!

After you have joined the ptc sites

Now you have enter into the business of earning through ptc sites and have joined a lot of sites that will pay you but it will be a hard task for you remind all those log in information yeah those hard passwords! (: so there is no need to be disturbed because now a days there are many software in the market which can make it easy for you and can do your work easily!

I personally used the roboform software and i like it a lot that software will remember all those passwords and user names and whenever you want to log in to your account just click a button and you will be taken to your account!

The software is easy to download and easy to use it will remain as toolbar of your browser and will perform its duty!

Now all the steps have completed now what you need are ptc sites!

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