Thursday, December 29, 2011

freelance work guide

If you are looking for sites where you can write articles and earn money  as a freelance writer there are many sites that offer both upfront pay  and residual earnings. They offer resources for aspiring writers  including links to sites that pay upfront for articles, revenue sharing  sites as well as sites that connect clients and writers.

Types of jobs

You can do different type of jobs depending on your area of expert. If you think that you can write well than you can become a writer and you can write useful stuff for the people to get paid. There is also a big opportunity for the designers and they can get many jobs on the freelance sites. You can also get the translator jobs if you are fluent in specific language with excellent writing skills. You can also work as freelance interpreter In countries like the UK, US, there's great demand for interpreters because of the vast number of people from all over the world migrating to these countries every year. This results in great need for translation services in immigration, healthcare, education and other public bodies.

If you are not very well in anything than you can do data entry jobs which are so simple and can be done without any knowledge. There is a list of some great sites where all these jobs can be done. They are all tested sites.

Get jobs on Guru (USA, started August 2000) 

Guru is one of the best place to find different sorts of freelance jobs. They provide both free and paid membership. They have very positive remarks from different freelancers. They take a commission of 5-10 percent of your earning on each project.

Work with Elance (USA, founded in 1998 )

Elance is a freelance market place that offers jobs in several categories. Whether your skills are in programming, design, writing, translation, sales, finance, engineering or more, you can find a job on Elance. Membership accounts range from free to $39.95/month for large businesses. Elance charges a service fee of between 6.75 % – 8.75 % for paid jobs.

Find jobs on scriptlance (Canada, started in 2001) 

This is one of the great place to get the jobs that pay well. They have very well reputation among many freelance sites. The best thing about this site is that this is the building block of many successful freelancers. They provide free membership without any money. They charge a commission of  5 percent on any project you complete.

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