Sunday, January 8, 2012

Affiliate Marketing

If you are crawling the web for different ways to make money online than i congratulate you for your efforts! You have come to right place because i am going to tell you the best way to make money online without any investment. So what is that called? This is one of the secret of many Internet millionaires. No more suspense, It's called Affiliate Marketing. It's true, you can make a lot of money in it with zero investment.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It's the process of marketing other people products and in return you receive some commission from the owner of the products. When you try to sell or buy a house, you look for the property dealer who help you in bringing the customers and in return he take his commission. Affiliate marketing is similar, you help companies to sell their products by sending them customers and receive your commission.

What should you promote?

This is good question with simple answer. You should promote whatever you like, if you are fond of reading books you can promote books and if you like another thing you should promote that thing. Choosing a right niche is the most important part of this business because you need certain knowledge of the product you are going to promote otherwise you wouldn't be able to promote it at all.

How should i Promote?

The best way to promote any product is to write articles on it. Suppose, you read a book of your favorite author. You write a rich information article about it and tell other people that why should they read this book? When someone would read your article he would be able to buy this book under your guide.

It Would be Happening Online

Now, come to the point you would be doing this promotion business online so you need to join different websites which would give you products to promote. There are many websites, where you can register and they would give you links of products that you would be promoting in the future.

Where Would i promote?

You can promote these products by different ways like you can do it by joining social networking sites, forums, Bookmarking sites etc. The better way is to write articles and submit them to the websites. There are many websites who accept quality articles and they have a lot of traffic to give you more sell. The best way is to make your own website and promote your product there.

Last Advice!

When you would start in this field you will face a lot of problems but after sometime if you keep on struggling you will see positive results. So once you are in! Keep on struggling!

How to Work at Home for Living

How you can make Online cash......

Everybody think that it is so simple to Make Money Online From Home. But in fact it’s too hard to make money Online. Actually many scams make people to think like that. Scams like - “You can make $$$$$ just doing an hour work daily EVEN if you are a Complete New to this field”. What hype! If you are a completely new and do only an hour works daily, it will take so much time to make even some $.

you will find lots of Testimonials on Internet such as “After implementing this method I was able to make $$$$$ in my first week”.Keep in Mind that there is no such system that can make you that much money as $$$$$ in his first week. It doesn't mean that all testimonials are fakes. You will find honest one also.
Interesting thing is most of all those people, whoever give testimonials are already so successful. They are already running their online business successfully. therefore, for them it is not a very big task to make a that amount in a week after applying a new technique. But a newbie can't do like a successful businessman. So, if you are a new to this field just ignore all those kind of stories for now and focus on your own work.
I want to make it sure that there is no hidden secret to make money online. It's a complete business. Is there any top secret to make money offline? No right. It’s easy - either you should have your own product, service or sell others product to make money offline. There are tips to build a successful business but there is no top secret that can make you so rich without any product or service.
Online business is no where different than offline. There is no secret in it, but you must know how to. Following, I am writing the legit ways to earn money from home:

Data Entry Jobs: Data Entry work is one of the best way to earn money online. There are many websites where you can find these kind of jobs, But some of websites are great, Where you can earn good money. GetAFreelancer is the best website where you don't need to pay money.

Create Your Own Money Making Product! I know for beginners it may be quite difficult to create your own product. But don’t worry; you don’t have to create a large product. It may be a small E book containing 20-30 pages. There are lots of people who sell their 10-15 pages E book for $5 - $10. $5 for a 20 pages Ebook, not bad, right? You can use Private Label Rights product for this purpose.

Promote others products: This is easy as comparing to first method. Only you have to sell other people’s product. Even you don’t need to handle product delivery and payment system. This is called Affiliate Marketing. If you don’t have ides about How to Earn Money through Affiliate Marketing then you can read it on my blog Once you know the process of Affiliate Marketing you can start straight away by Creating Blog or Mini Site.

Sell Your Own Service: You can make money easily by selling your own service. Of course you must provide a quality service. You may sell different services like SEO, Web developing, Designing, Writing etc. Join some online forums and announce your service on forums. You can also use a link in signature to your service. Don't join forum just for the sake of your service. First take part in forum and make at least few posts before announcing your service.Selling your own service is also the easiest ways to make money from Internet. Take your time and be expert in one field. You can do article writing, Web designing, Translators, Logo Designer etc. Make it clear that people always face problems in starting a new task!

When you will start something you will have to be passionate about it, Otherwise you wouldn't be able to make a single dime.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Freelancers Fail and How to avoid it

When you’re working as  freelancer, foolishness can be expensive. It’s better to take lessons from the mistakes of others in order to avoid common acts.If you have landed on this page then I believe that you are either a freelancer or want to make money online.

Failure is an interesting topic. It's hard to view failure as a positive, an inevitable speed bump on the track to success. There is certainly some reality in that: Success often chases failure. What sometimes happens is that failure just leads to failure. We might not have the resources to try each and every time. Freelancing can be like that: If a freelancer fails, they often feel like they have to take a corporate job again to pay the mortgage.

Humans are not machines and they make mistakes but repeating those mistakes again and again would take you to the end of your carrier as a freelancer. When i was a beginner in freelancing, I made many mistakes the first time around and, like any good freelancer, I learned from them "by leaps and bounds" and now I am a better, stronger efficient worker. In this post, I’ll share some of the reasons that caused me to fail as a freelancer in beginning.

Going after wrong niche ( Set Your Vision On Specific Niche)

I made a big mistake to ignore my right skills. Everyone have skills but right skills are those that you are perfect in. I didn't see my abilities and keep on running after wrong niches than i finally came to know that if someone is making enough money in specific niche than it's not the magic of niche, but it is the magic of the efforts that a freelancer is putting into the work, So stop chasing the big money makers and come out with your own right niche, means the thing you are best in!!!

Fear of failure  ( Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is)

This can be the other mistake that can lead you to the failure. It's natural to be feared before starting any new task but you must learn to overcome your fear. You must keep up your confidence and always act smart to deal with those negative thoughts burning your mind. Just keep your mind open every time and  think about the success and positive results of your efforts. Don't put yourself in the darkness of fear because you can just light it with a little confidence on yourself!!

Don't be so cheap ( Keep your rates professionally)

Never think like a amateur and put put your efforts in waste. You must realize the disadvantage of providing low rates. No one would believe you and most of the employer would think that you are not good enough for them. Think like a professional freelancer and set you rates higher. When i say higher, doesn't mean that too higher but not too low. Keep your rate according to the size of project. You can also ask different forums about the right rates for different projects or you can simply Google it. Don't you see in markets, that quality products are not cheap at all!!

Don't do it all alone ( Make Your Network Strong)

When you are just new in the game of freelancing, Don't come alone. You can't do it without the people because you need help at any point. You must hang with experience peoples, who have gained a lot experience in freelancing because hanging with them can make you more professional. It can help in facing fears and other problems, You are dealing with. Keep in mind that  People hire people. People buy from people. People are more likely to buy a piece of your time if they know who you are. Ergo, if you want lots of people to buy your time, you need to know lots of people.

Bad Management  ( Manage everything)

Without Management or with poor Management you are definitely gonna lose. You know what? "Managing is everything" yeah! With this you can get much more success. Everything is need to be Managed before done. You must make a plan before starting any project. Break everything into small parts and Manage them again correctly according to your requirements. It includes Money Management, Time Management and the big one Clients Management.

Don't stay in old age ( Create a Website)

You must take the Advantage of the New Age while joining the race of freelancers. Many people don't think about Creating a website, but it can save you many time and you can use it as your Portfolio. Make a nice looking website and sell your Service throw the website. People can easily find you through your Website and you will be earning more.

Don't loose your passion ( Be passionate about it)

In last i would end the Article with last piece of Advice, that if you want to get Success in this Field or whatever else it Applies to all. Try to be more Passionate about the Job you are doing. You can never achieve any Success without the Passion to achieve something. Everyone who is successful now was so passionate about getting it. I hope, that you have got the point!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Questions freelancers MUST ask their clients

Do you want to make your freelance business better, attract more clients and make more money? If you answered yes (you better have said yes) then you need to ask some questions to each and every client. as a freelancer you’ve got to be ready to learn at every turn, so preparing yourself with these questions that most freelancers avoid to ask would help keep you in a position to enhance your business and grow your income.

It’s important for freelancers to get to know every prospective client before taking on a new job. That’s why I’ve made list of some questions for freelancers to ask their clients during the interview or briefing process.

starting a freelancer carrier is often times much more than a normal decision. A freelancer job can include working with someone for a potentially long period, So you must tell your potentials to the client and the working capability of yours. Ask these questions to get to know your client.

 What additional services do you wish I would offer?
 Why did you hire me out of everyone else they’ve checked out?
 Who do you know that is in need of my services?
 Is there an area of my business that you think I could improve on?
 What was your favorite part about working with me?

 Company's detail Questions

  1. What kind of  service is provided by your company?
  2. How long has your company been providing this service?
  3. What is the potential of your company?
  4. What is the reputation of company?
  5. What is your customer need?
  6. What about your competitors?
  7. What is your address?
  8. What is your phone/cell number?
  9. What is your address?
  10. What is the best way to approach you?                                                                                            

 Questions About  your Working style 

  1. What do you prefer, speed or quality or both?
  2. How many times do you want updates on my achievements?
  3. Do you hire freelancers regularly?
  4. What do you like work process structured, or unstructured?
  5. If  required, would it be okay if I used subcontractors?      
 Work Agreement Questions

  1. How much is the budget of this project?
  2. Who would own the intellectual rights to the completed project?
  3. What is the completion time for this project?
  4. what would be the payment process?
  5. When will i get paid?
Question after the completion of project
  1. How was my service?
  2. Can you add any suggestions?
  3. Do you anticipate having any other projects like this one?
  4. Do you need to update this project?
  5. If the project requires updating, do you consider the updating or revisions to be a different project?
  6. Do you have any more project for me?
  7. How often do you need the services of a freelancer?
  8. Can I  keep this project work as my portfolio? (If the project was done excellent.)
  9. Are you willing to give feedback on my work for my web page? (If the client is happy)

Big companies don’t have the time to talk with their clients on a more personal level like this. Asking questions makes your clients feel more important and shows them that their opinions are important. By being the scrappy freelancer that you are, you know this is the best chance for you to stand out and build a better service.
Keep in mind, the more questions you throw, the more answers you will catch so engulf yourself in this question method and pick your clients minds to know as much as you can about what you’re doing right, what you must improve on and what direction your marketing can go in for the coming future.