Monday, January 2, 2012

Questions freelancers MUST ask their clients

Do you want to make your freelance business better, attract more clients and make more money? If you answered yes (you better have said yes) then you need to ask some questions to each and every client. as a freelancer you’ve got to be ready to learn at every turn, so preparing yourself with these questions that most freelancers avoid to ask would help keep you in a position to enhance your business and grow your income.

It’s important for freelancers to get to know every prospective client before taking on a new job. That’s why I’ve made list of some questions for freelancers to ask their clients during the interview or briefing process.

starting a freelancer carrier is often times much more than a normal decision. A freelancer job can include working with someone for a potentially long period, So you must tell your potentials to the client and the working capability of yours. Ask these questions to get to know your client.

 What additional services do you wish I would offer?
 Why did you hire me out of everyone else they’ve checked out?
 Who do you know that is in need of my services?
 Is there an area of my business that you think I could improve on?
 What was your favorite part about working with me?

 Company's detail Questions

  1. What kind of  service is provided by your company?
  2. How long has your company been providing this service?
  3. What is the potential of your company?
  4. What is the reputation of company?
  5. What is your customer need?
  6. What about your competitors?
  7. What is your address?
  8. What is your phone/cell number?
  9. What is your address?
  10. What is the best way to approach you?                                                                                            

 Questions About  your Working style 

  1. What do you prefer, speed or quality or both?
  2. How many times do you want updates on my achievements?
  3. Do you hire freelancers regularly?
  4. What do you like work process structured, or unstructured?
  5. If  required, would it be okay if I used subcontractors?      
 Work Agreement Questions

  1. How much is the budget of this project?
  2. Who would own the intellectual rights to the completed project?
  3. What is the completion time for this project?
  4. what would be the payment process?
  5. When will i get paid?
Question after the completion of project
  1. How was my service?
  2. Can you add any suggestions?
  3. Do you anticipate having any other projects like this one?
  4. Do you need to update this project?
  5. If the project requires updating, do you consider the updating or revisions to be a different project?
  6. Do you have any more project for me?
  7. How often do you need the services of a freelancer?
  8. Can I  keep this project work as my portfolio? (If the project was done excellent.)
  9. Are you willing to give feedback on my work for my web page? (If the client is happy)

Big companies don’t have the time to talk with their clients on a more personal level like this. Asking questions makes your clients feel more important and shows them that their opinions are important. By being the scrappy freelancer that you are, you know this is the best chance for you to stand out and build a better service.
Keep in mind, the more questions you throw, the more answers you will catch so engulf yourself in this question method and pick your clients minds to know as much as you can about what you’re doing right, what you must improve on and what direction your marketing can go in for the coming future.

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